Did you know that the sale of art is taxed at the maximum 31.8% rate?


Most don't. Even fewer know that with a little bit of planning that number can be reduced to zero. That's where we come in. Whether you're inheriting art, looking to sell a piece or two from your collection, or just curious about joining the world of art investing, Art 1031 helps remove your tax liability so you can focus on investing.



Real estate professionals have used "1031 exchanges" to defer taxes for decades, it's time the art world did too.


Attempting to receive "investor" status and find an IRS-approved "like kind" replacement piece is admittedly trickier and more difficult for art than real estate. With our services, however, we ensure your transaction qualifies as a 1031 exchange or we don't get paid.



Hand-picked exchanges

Curated Around your investment needs

Our investment advisory specialists maintain a real-time list of exchangeable artworks from upcoming sales, auctions, or private deals. Within your time-frame whether at

Grow your portfolio

join the global network of art investors 

With the global rising price of art, Congress has begun debating whether to close the 1031 exchange loophole to art investors. If you're considering selling a piece of your collection, we're here to help you keep more than 30% of your earnings.


We guarantee a tax-free sale or we don't get paid.


If you're looking to sell your art, you might as well try to do so tax-free. With our services, you can park your art with us while looking for a replacement piece. If you don't find one in time or dislike our suggestions, your art is returned to you. If you do, we guarantee you'll earn up to 25% more on your sale. So when you sell your painting for $10,000, without us you'd take home $7,820. With us that rises to $9,405.